‘Proclamation of the Irish Republic’ – €190,000 (£172,900) at Whyte’s.

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The poster was published on April 24 by the Irish Volunteers and the Irish Citizen Army, acting as ‘The Provisional Government of Ireland’.

Printed on poor quality paper and often posted at outdoor locations, many copies were destroyed during, or shortly after the rising and a fair number of those that did survive are nowadays to be found in institutional collections.

The example illustrated, offered on July 25 by Whyte’s (20/13.5% buyer’s premium) of Dublin, sold at €190,000 (£172,900).

Inscriptions on this example of this historic document record its original removal by J Brady from the window of the jeweller’s shop of Hyman Marks, located in Henry Street, opposite the General Post Office, and its subsequent sale to Henry Naylor, who in his turn gifted it to a nephew.