South German Gothic field armour – €96,000 (£88,075) at Hermann Historica.

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Under the title From Castles and Palaces, this event presented 246 mixed lots from antiquity to the 20th century.

Three good suits of armour were among the lots that sold well in this setting, led by a south German field armour, incorporating marked elements by late 15th century Innsbruck and Nuremburg makers as well as some later replacements.

This distinctive armour, topped with a heavy one-piece Gothic sallet helmet and complete with a 15th century German coat of mail, will have looked familiar to enthusiasts, having been sold by Hermann Historica as recently as 2012 as part of the extraordinary Klingbeil Collection. Six years ago it sold for €73,000. Last month it reached €96,000 (£88,075).


German Maximillian armour – €64,000 (£59,125) at Hermann Historica.

Dating from a generation or so later, a German Maximilian armour of c.1510-20 with later repairs and replacements made €64,000 (£59,125).


A 16th century Milanese field armour – €74,000 (£67,890) at Hermann Historica.

An etched Milanese field armour of c.1570-80, with later repairs and replacements, completed the trio, selling for €74,000 (£67,890). The heavy one-piece skull of the close helmet was topped by a high roped comb and the large pauldrons of the shoulder defences were fitted with very prominent flanges.