John Ruskin, 'A Bough of Phillyrea', pen and black ink over traces of pencil on laid paper, £11,000 from Guy Peppiatt’s exhibition.

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The delayed summer show, accessible both at the gallery and through an online catalogue, features 70 works, six of which are by Ruskin. All come to sale from a single private collection.

There are plenty of other well-known names in the exhibition, though examples by some particularly popular artists have already found new homes: JMW Turner’s Study of a Dead Pheasant drawn for Walter Fawkes and his family has sold for example, as has a depiction of the interior of the Colosseum by 18th century Scottish artist Allan Ramsay.


John Varley’s watercolour over pencil, 'View of Belgrave House and Westminster Bridge' from a sketch taken in 1811, £12,500 from Guy Peppiatt’s exhibition.

Still available is a scene of Shipping off Greenwich by David Cox (1783-1859), from a late 1820s series, and a view of Belgrave House and Westminster Bridge from 1811 by John Varley (1778-1842). The Varley watercolour shows the house shortly before it was pulled down. It is now roughly the site of the Millbank Tower, built in 1963.

The show is scheduled to run in the gallery until October 7.