1637, Leiden first of Rene Descartes’ 'Discours de la méthode…' sold at Galerie Bassenge for €75,000 (£65,250).

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In more recent times this copy of one of the more famous and influential books ever printed formed part of the library of Friedrich Dobe (1885-1954), whom the auction house rather intriguingly define as a book collector, calligrapher, illustrator and anarchist.

Sold at €75,000 (£65,250) was a 1637, Leiden first of Rene Descartes’ Discours de la méthode….

It is a copy from the personal collections of the lawyer, scientist and sometime royal librarian Pierre Du Puy (1582-1651) and his younger brother Jacques, whose family arms feature on both covers of the somewhat worn but generally fine period binding.

The sale took place on April 7-9.