Letter from Charles Dickens to critic George Lewes, estimated at €1200 at Stargardt on March 10-11.

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The publication of the instalment with this episode in December 1852 sparked a long-running controversy with the literary critic and playwright George Lewes.

Although he was a friend of Dickens, Lewes attacked the author in an article in the newspaper The Leader in no uncertain terms, seeking to disprove the then common theory of spontaneous human combustion, accusing him “of giving currency to a vulgar error”.

Stargardt in Berlin is selling one of the many letters the passionate believer Dickens addressed to his critic.

On the February 18, 1853, he wrote: “I believe you to be quite as wrong about the spontaneous combustion question now as you were in the beginning…”

The arguments and counter-arguments smouldered on for many months, until September 1853, when the final episode of Bleak House was published. Dickens and Lewes agreed to disagree and renewed their friendship.

In the sale of March 10-11, the one-and-a-half-page letter is expected to bring €1200.