A drinking vessel that appears to be an electrotype of the famous Warren Cup, €3600 (£3270) at Lisbon saleroom Renascimento.

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American art collector Edward Perry Warren (1860-1928) purchased the 1st century original in Rome in 1911 for £2000. It had been bought in Jerusalem and was said to have been found alongside Jewish Revolt-era coinage near the city in the village of Battir.

Although later rejected by a number of museums due to its explicit homoerotic content, a number of replicas of the cup were made including one that formed part of the John Beazley bequest to the Ashmolean Museum in 1966. In 1999 the original was purchased by the British Museum for £1.8m.

This replica, estimated at just €40-60 at the sale on June 8 , took €3600 (£3270).