Lucy Hodgson of Kevis House Gallery poses behind the new protective screening.

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During the first three days a new client had snapped up a large drawing by Gary Cook for £2350. Two paintings by Frances Hatch sold online for £490 each as well as several linocuts by Diana Croft for under £200.

“It just goes to show that both methods of selling still work – online via digital means, and in person in the gallery – and that people are starting to venture out,” the gallery’s Lucy Hodgson told ATG.

The contemporary dealership opened doors on Monday, June 15, following town-wide collaborations led by the Petworth Business Association. Agreed safety measures include screens at the counters and the consistent use of floor stickers.

Kevis House is among many galleries that have reopened across England as lockdown restrictions gradually relax.

In London, SLAD has announced that many of its dealers are once again welcoming visitors including Stair Sainty, Trinity Fine Art, Daniel Katz and Messum’s. Other galleries that have reopened include Jenna Burlingham in Kingsclere with an exhibition of British Art, Emma Mason in Eastbourne, and Jonathan Cooper in West London with an exhibition by contemporary artist David Grossmann. Visitors are advised to contact galleries directly before visiting.