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The sale at David Duggleby in Scarborough on January 18 includes a large offering of Staffordshire pottery from a private collector in Yorkshire.

Many group lots of figures are offered at very affordable levels. A 10in (26cm) Victorian duck and duckling tureen, one of a number of ‘hen on nest’ tureens, has an estimate of £50-70.

davidduggleby.com or see this item on thesaleroom.com

Lymington Auctions in Hampshire will offer a Song dynasty Ding ware ‘dragon’ bowl at its Antiques & Collectables and Asian Art sale on January 23.

The bowl, with a repaired crack, was consigned from a deceased estate in Milford-on-Sea. A label to the reverse reads Chinese Porcelain Sun dynasty AD960-1279 Ting Ware 11th Century.

Historically these proto-porcelains were known as Ting wares in the West, a reference to the prefecture of Dingzhou in northern China (formerly romanised as Ting-chou) where they were made.

The estimate is £250-350.


This American Corocraft ‘Bugs Bunny’ brooch above has an estimate of £150- 200 at Special Auction Services in Newbury on January 23. The silver brooch set with colourful paste stones dates from the 1940s.

specialauctionservices.com or see this item on thesaleroom.com

This table-top wunderkammer above is typical of the type of the type of drawing-room ‘museum’ owned by many erudite Victorian gentlemen.

Assembled by one EG Molyneux, each ‘exhibit’ is accompanied by an ink manuscript collector’s label. Among the many natural history specimens, Grand Tour mementos and antiquities are Fragments of painted plaster from Pompeii, Fragment of Neolithic pottery from Cissbury and Part of covering-stone of great Pyramid at Giza.

At Bamfords in Derby on January 16 the estimate is £150-200.

bamfords-auctions.co.uk or see this item on thesaleroom.com