William IV period Paul Storr mustard pot, £1300 at Kingham & Orme.

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A William IV period Paul Storr mustard pot (London, 1835) in the naturalistic rococo revival taste sold for £1300, a naturalistically modelled pot and spoon worked with flower and vines by Hunt and Roskell (London, 1852) made £800 and a reticulated pot in the Renaissance revival style by James Charles Edington (London, 1860) went for £600.

The same owner consigned an equally diverse collection of condiment and egg spoons, many in scarce patterns. A single early Victorian salt spoon (George Adams, London, 1842) in a cast pattern with St George slaying a dragon and a Viscount coronet, sold to a room bidder for £320.

The final instalment of the Shennan collection will be offered in early March.

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Owl mustard pot by Charles Thomas Fox & George Fox, £1800 at Batemans.

Among the most desirable of all silver mustard pots are the Victorian and later novelties.

A 4¼in (9cm) mustard pot in the form of an owl was offered at Stamford auction house Batemans (20% buyer’s premium). With marks for London smiths Charles Thomas Fox & George Fox and 1845, it clutches a mouse in its beak with another forming the finial of the matching spoon.

The blue glass liner would need to be replaced (although present it was smashed) but it went well above the £500-800 estimate to sell for £1800.