Textiles dealer Owen Parry.

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1 How did you get your start as a dealer?

It was an accident of geography. When I was 18, I lived across the road from one of the best carpet and textile restorers in the UK at the time near Bath. I got a job stitching 16th century Safavid masterpieces and have been working my way down ever since.

2 How has the market changed in your experience?

The market has always been tough, so that’s a constant. In my field the collector market has faded due to the trade’s collective failure to attract a new generation of interested buyers. The decorative end keeps on chugging and the market for the very best or unusual is vibrant.

3 Who is one person you admire in the trade?

Peter Willborg – RIP – a specialist in antique rugs and ethnographica from Stockholm. He had a great eye and was very fair and was welcoming to all.


19th century silk Chinese export embroidery – £2500 from Owen Parry at LARTA.

4 What is one category in vogue with collectors right now?

Coming up on the rails: classic Ottoman or Safavid rugs with Moroccan textiles.

5 What is one great discovery you have made?

I was lucky to find a great 17th century Caucasian needlework panel in mint condition in a field at the Ardingly fair many moons ago.

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