An early-20th century American oversized magnifying glass globe desk timepiece by the Elgin National Watch Company has hopes of £800-1200 at Toovey’s in Washington, West Sussex, on February 21.

The spherical plated and glass case with winder and ring surmount stands 8in (20cm) high. or see this item on

This Hermes men’s vanity case above, probably from the 1960s, carries a £1500-2000 estimate at the sale of Designer Handbags and Fashion at Chiswick Auctions on February 26.

The brown leather case opens to reveal a second lift-out case, fitted with brushes, silver-plated boxes, a leather backed mirror, and a macassar mounted vanity set. or see this item on

A double gallantry group of Great War medals carries an estimate of £1500-2000 at Charterhouse in Sherborne on March 5-6.

They were awarded to Acting Regimental Sergeant Major A Richard of the Northumberland Fusiliers, who first served in the Boer War where he received the Queens South Africa medal with Cape Colony and South Africa 1902 clasps. Recalled in the First World War, he was awarded the 1914-15 trio, a Distinguished Conduct Medal for attacking enemy machine gun posts and a Military Medal.

The group comes to auction from a distant family relation.

The sale of British and World Banknotes at Dix Noonan Webb in London on February 26 includes a satirical note designed by George Cruickshank in 1819. Not meant for legal tender, it instead assumes a design very similar to the Bank of England white notes of the period to make a comment on William Pitt the Younger’s Bank Restriction Act (1797-1821) which removed the requirement for the Bank of England to convert banknotes into gold.

The controversial 24-year episode prompted Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s famous quote: “An elderly lady in the City, of great credit and long standing who had unfortunately fallen into bad company.”

The ‘hangman’ note, complete with vignette of Britannia eating a baby, calls for an end to the death penalty for the forging of notes while the Bank Restriction continues. Cruikshank claimed to have sketched the note in 10 minutes after seeing a woman hanged for passing a forged note. The note is signed J[ack] Ketch – a byword at the time for the hangman.

This rare note is estimated at £600-800. or see this item on