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Dealer Andrew Singleton has released a catalogue of early oak, country furniture and associated works of art on his website. He reports that online sales have already begun, including several pieces of furniture, a 15th century alabaster and some embroidery.

The physical show officially runs from December 5-19 in the gallery, spans two floors and will require social distancing and normal safety precautions. Around 70 pieces are featured, including an unusually large comb back Windsor armchair which is inscribed with the date JanY 16 1821 under the seat.

Although Singleton says that he has been affected by slower sales this year as a result of coronavirus restrictions, he also observes that more people who were not keen on buying online are now getting used to it.

For him, however, buying in person will always be the goal.

“Patination is my main thing, so I’m a bit reluctant about buying online just off a picture,” he tells ATG – though he adds that this can be remedied by buying from trusted sources.