Sold for $5500 (£4435) by Doyle, a privately printed, 1870 record of a tiger hunt enjoyed by … the Duke of Edinburgh in the Oudh and Nepal Forests.

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On June 19, an 1891 London first of In the Days when we went Hog-Hunting, an oblong folio work in gilt-decorated cloth that features a dozen lithographed plates after JC Dollman, was one of several works by J Moray Brown on offer. Though estimated at $200-300, this one is a real rarity and sold at $3100 (£2500).

Privately printed in 1870, His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh in the Oudh and Nepal Forests. A Letter from India refers to a diversion enjoyed by Queen Victoria’s second son while on a cruise to Africa, India, New Zealand and around the world as captain of HMS Galatea.

Mounted on elephants, the royal party had hoped to bag tigers but, it seems, had to be content with deer.

In a fine fine full morocco gilt binding by Henderson & Bisset, and possibly intended for presentation, said the auction house, it too made a far higher than suggested sum at $5500 (£4435).

Jungle jottings 

Bound as three volumes, Jungle Jottings by Sir Donald M Field, chief minister of Jodhpur State, made $5750 (£4635). This was an exceptionally rare record of the author’s own sporting exploits, published by the Jodhpur Government Press in the years 1936-45 and illustrated with both reproductions and, in the final part, original photographs.