Unsigned picture of a three-master attributed to Francois Roux which is one of maritime works on show at Galerie Delalande.

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Around 30 works, mostly watercolours, from different members of the family – Antoine Roux and his three sons, Mathieu (or Antoine Fils the elder); Frédéric and François – will be on display showing different views of ships spanning a period from 1780-1850. The exhibition runs from September 11-17.

Antoine, the son of a hydrographer based in Marseille, was a talented artist who developed a speciality of detailed and finely-observed watercolour portraits of ships which were often purchased by the ships’ captains.

The tradition was carried on by his three equally gifted sons.

Ships are often portrayed with multiple views, sometimes with a port or starboard view to the foreground and a view sailing away to the background. Others are shown in the port at anchor or waiting for repairs.

Prices range from around €3000 up to a high of over €10,000.

Pictured here is an unsigned work measuring 19in x 2ft (48 x 63cm) that is attributed to François Roux of a three-master at sea. It is titled Pallas Capne Vor Fabre/Mrs Augtin Fabre & Fils Armt Proprietaires.

Behind in the distance flying an American flag is a brig about to execute a similar manoeuvre.

The presence of a ship with a plume of black smoke also portrayed in the distance dates the work to c.1840-50. On the reverse of the watercolour is a detailed design for an unrigged 20-gun hull.