Gerry Cranham
A horse race photograph by Gerry Cranham on offer at Michael Hoppen Gallery’s exhibition. Image copyright: Gerry Cranham, courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery.

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Now 90, he recorded moments such as the funeral of JFK. He is credited with pioneering practices such as the use of long-lead cable remote techniques and colour action shots. However, he is best known for his sports images. He was the first photographer to position his camera under jumps, at Cheltenham racecourse, which would become a mainstay of sports reportage. Cranham said: “I had to do it discreetly, hide the camera and then collect it later. [They] would have kicked me off the course if they saw me.”

The show at the London gallery, which continues until March 30 comprises more than 20 hand-printed vintage silver gelatin prints, many of which were last exhibited at the V&A also in London.

Prices range from £850-1000 + VAT + frame.