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A bowl featuring what is believed to be one of the first known depictions of a dog on a lead is being offered in an auction of antiquities on July 3 at Bonhams New Bond Street in London.

It is painted on one of three panels of the large Persian pottery jar, dating to the late 3rd to late 2nd century BC, and shows a hunter with a bow and arrow holding a curly-tailed dog herding goats on a mountainside.

The jar is part of the collection of Dr Desmond Morris, the broadcaster, author and Surrealist painter, which is being offered in the sale. Estimate £20,000-30,000.


According to the inscription on the reverse, this 18ct Georgian pocket watch was presented by Princess Charlotte of Wales – the only child of King George IV – to her physician.

Dr George Roddam served as a Royal Navy surgeon during the Napoleonic Wars before he was appointed surgeon on the royal yacht in 1812. He became Princess Charlotte’s physician between 1814-15 when she visited Weymouth in Dorset. The Barwise watch is believed to have been given to him in 1816.

It is inscribed: From Her Royal Highness THE PRINCESS CHARLOTTE OF WALES to Dr Roddam As a Mark of H.R.H Remembrance of his great attention & for the benefit H.R.H has derived from his professional advice. King Lodge WEYMOUTH JAN, 1ST, 1816.

The watch will be offered in Featonby’s auction in North Shields on June 27.

Estimate £5000-6000.

featonbys.co.uk or see this item on thesaleroom.com

In the colonies and Boer Republics that became the Union of South Africa in 1910, several unofficial military decorations and medals were instituted and awarded during the 19th and early 20th century.

Among them was the Cape Copper Company Medal for the Defence of O’okiep. This was a private campaign medal instituted by the Cape Copper Company in 1902 and awarded to members of the O’okiep Garrison who defended the town while it was besieged by Boer commandos near the end of the Second Boer War.

This medal in silver – of which there were only 18 recipients – was awarded to Major JL Dean, commandant of the Namaqualand Town Guard Battalion and O’okiep.

It will be auctioned together with a matching table-top cigar and cigarette boxes at Edinburgh saleroom Ramsay Cornish on July 13.

Estimate £5000-7000.