Stephen Whittaker of Fellows.

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There are also additional features available to assist him as a buyer via our website:

1. Total bid basket calculator on both catalogue commission bids and during live auctions.

2. A bidder on our white label live bidding interface has the option to set an alert for a maximum total spend – this provides a warning when the customer reaches 90% of the specified total.

3. A bidder has the option to see what the costs of bidding might be on any other live bidding platform that we list with.

4. We have a calculator to allow vendors to see what sum they might receive after a successful auction.

5. Vendors and buyers have the facility both to see their current accounts and also access and download previous statements and invoices.

Know the true costs

Transparency about the true costs of buying at auction is crucial for customer confidence and knowing the true cost of an item when you place a bid should be standard. has contributed to increasing the transparency of buyer’s premium and online fees.

It is pleasing to note that your reader’s letter has provoked a flurry of promises of future developments from another website and system provider who aspires to catch up to the level of service that we already offer our clients.

Stephen Whittaker

Fellows Auctioneers