Swedish clock priced at £2200 from Mora Clocks.

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Antique Swedish Mora clocks such as the one pictured above originated in the Darlarna province of Sweden after a great drought had caused large numbers of citizens to flee from Mora to Stockholm.

There they learned new skills in clockmaking (and other trades) and after returning to their village they launched a new industry specialising in these distinctive timepieces.

In its heyday, Mora produced about 1000 clocks per year.

Today, these are increasingly collectors’ items, and a large assortment is available from the website Mora Clocks, a side business for the hand-painted furniture and lighting business Gustavian. The clocks are shipped about once a month from Sweden to the dealership’s base in north London.

The example in question is dated 1787 to its face and is painted with floral patterns. It retains its original mechanism, two cast-iron weights, pendulum and winding key and is available for £2200.