Whitford Fine Art is taking Joseph Lacasse’s oil on canvas Balancement from 1948 to BRAFA, priced in the region of €100,000-120,000.

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This year, in keeping with tradition, the gallery will be working on a London/ Brussels axis showing a mix of British and Belgian artworks. This will include market-fresh works by Bram Bogart and Joseph Lacasse, and Paul Van Hoeydonck of the Zero group, as well as pieces by British pop artist Clive Barker and British Abstract Expressionist Frank Avray Wilson.

Asked whether the gallery has noticed any changes in the tastes of visitors to BRAFA since Whitford first started to show at this fair, the gallery’s Alex Mibus noted: “The clientele tends to show greater interest in depth towards to artists we show. The numbers tend to stay the same and remain faithful to ourselves and the artists exhibited.”

Pictured here is one of the works to be shown at BRAFA that are on the market for the first time.

Joseph Lacasse’s oil on canvas Balancement from 1948, measuring 3ft 6in x 4ft 9in (97cm x 1.46m), is priced in the region of €100,000-120,000.