This striking horse’s head driftwood sculpture was pictured at a recent Malvern Flea & Collectors Fair. Nine dates are scheduled at the Three Counties Showground in 2019 by B2B Events, with the first on January 20.

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As for the year just ended, she added: “2018 was a year of contrast. It started quite slow with dealers seeming to keep their bookings in their pockets, probably due to the horrendous weather we experienced in December.

“But our first few fairs were good as late bookings arrived. Unfortunately ‘the beast from the east’ put paid to that and for the first time in about 10 years we had to cancel the antiques fair at Malvern in March due to the weather.

“From one extreme to another, we then had the hottest summer on record since the 1970s. It seems you can have too much of a good thing – the heat meant buyers were flagging, but dealers were in abundance, especially for outside pitches.”

Yourston said that bookings at the beginning of January for the Malvern Flea & Collectors Fair on January 20 are around 250 inside stands and 200 outside – “exactly as last year, although the event is later this month than usual so we will likely pick up more. Let’s hope the weather holds up for us.”