A letter to ATG in which a dealer asked about alternatives to using bubble wrap.

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With a number of free newspapers being supplied throughout the country these could be a cheap source of recyclable material that would be suitable for packaging.

Of course, there are a few items that will need some bubble-style wrapping around them, but this would be minimal when using the scrunched-up newspaper or straw.

As can be appreciated, the newspaper can be recycled into more paper that can be read and scrunched up again, and when it gets too far gone it gets made into egg boxes and similar packaging, therefore giving protection for its total recycleable life.

What the majority of people hate is the expanded polystyrene options, either as ‘peanuts’ or as broken pieces, as when the package is opened these just explode and end up everywhere. The room continally needs cleaning for weeks as missed pieces still seem to find their way underfoot and get carried everywhere.

I suggest trying scrunched-up newspaper as this is very satisfactory.

Ken Lewis

Reusing the FT

MADAM – Yes, as an erstwhile glass-dealer I have some good old-fashioned advice about how to wrap glass and ceramics.

In the days before bubble we used layers of tissue paper and then broadsheet newsprint before putting the package in a cardboard box.

At risk of advertising, the FT is best as the print come doesn’t come off on your hands.

In those olden days the newsprint ATG was also usable for wrapping, printed on thick, unglazed paper almost as tough as cardboard, itself another eco-friendly material.

For the outside layer we used to obtain quantities of computer hard-disk boxes to protect individual glasses, and scrounge in the supermarket for wine boxes to post decanters in.

Recycled and renewable packaging of the best quality and all still available

Margaret Hopkins (