This striking model is showing off the equally stylish collar by Trifari, created with faux pearls, crystal and wooden beads which will be for sale at £45 with Amanda Bhatia at the Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair.

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Held in London at the Freemasons’ Hall on Sunday, September 8, a week ahead of London Fashion Week, this event involves 50-plus dealers.

Bhatia, a seasoned exhibitor on the fairs circuit including IACF at Alexandra Palace, said: “Most of the jewellery I sell is mainly from the 1950s-80s and comes from the US which has a terrific costume tradition. The design and variety is unmatched.

“The most prized pieces will have saphiret/saphirine stones, glass stones which during manufacture had a small drop of liquid gold added to the saphire glass. Made in Czechoslovakia and later Germany, it was used in jewellery in the 1950s-60s by Regency, Kramer and Weiss.”

Bhatia’s interest in costume jewellery started when she was young.

“My grandmother had a collection of jewellery and was never without a necklace or brooch. On special occasions, she out-twinkled the Regent Street Christmas lights. As a child of the 1960s I thrilled at the eye-popping colours and fabulous designs. Then my own collection began and 30 years later a close friend asked me to source some jewellery for her wedding. That was the beginning of my business.”

Jewellery prices start at £15 for a pair of earrings up to £700 for items by top designers. Contact