Dealer Martyn Fowler of Puckhaber Decorative Antiques.

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1 What is one little-known fact about dealing?

Generally speaking, it’s a lot harder than it looks. Social media, in particular Instagram, has revolutionised our industry, but it can make it look like we are always on a jolly. The reality is that we work very hard finding and investing in pieces, arranging restoration, upholstery, framing and so on. However, we love what we do so we are very lucky.

2 One great discovery you’ve made?

Recently I bought and sold a miniature landscape sketch attributed to Duncan Grant (1885-1978). It wasn’t worth huge money, but it was very pleasing little find. We buy a lot of paintings, and though we predominantly rely on eye, it is always a bonus if, after a little research, it happens to be painted by a known artist.

3 What is one challenge in the current market?

The trade is so varied and even within the decorative field every dealer has their own unique set of challenges. For dealers like us who source and buy furniture on the continent, Brexit is going to be a challenge. If we leave without a deal, the short-term issues could be delays at customs and the pound may fall against the Euro.

4 One question it is important to ask before buying?

Reluctantly I would say that people should ask ‘What is your best price?’. There are not many industries where consumers rarely pay the asking price so people buying antiques may as well take advantage of that.

5 Real ale or espresso martini?

Definitely real ale… although I’m not against sipping espresso martinis later in the evening!

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