This year’s Art & Antiques Fair Olympia takes place from June 19-28, two days longer than last year, and is no longer part of the House and Garden Festival. Both are organised by Clarion Events.

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Both are organised by Clarion Events, take place in West Kensington’s Olympia London and ticket holders to either event have access to both.

However, this year’s direction is a step away from last year’s strategy, which positioned the antiques event under the umbrella of the larger festival. The two will no longer share an entrance (though are joined inside) and will continue to have distinct opening and closing times.

The antiques fair also has new branding and runs from June 19-28, two days longer than its previous staging.

“We recognised that The Art & Antiques Fair Olympia needed a strong, distinctive identity of its own, and to distinguish it from the House and Garden Festival with which it is co-located for the first five days. We have therefore commissioned a new creative look to create impact,” said fair director Mary Claire Boyd. “The fair will still benefit from the Conde Nast audience and the co-location which bought in significant business from the House and Garden Festival audience in 2018.”

She added: “We have revised the marketing strategy and are investing more into online activity, while maintaining traditional channels, in order to broaden the appeal. We are also working with a number of new partnerships to bring in wider audiences. There are new themes such as the environment and sustainability running through the campaign. We are also promoting the revival of interest in brown furniture, alongside other key messaging, to attract the international collectors and buyers.”