Lionel Bulmer's 'In the Dunes', oil on canvas 4ft x 3ft (1.22m x 91cm), £15,850 at Messum's.

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The painters met as students at the Royal College of Art in 1944 and their work, predominantly figurative, echoes the development of art in the later 20th century.

“They inspired each other,” says the gallery’s David Messum. “They had no children and their art was everything. It records this passage of figurative art throughout the post-war period.”

English subjects

Works in the show date from the 1960s until the end of Bulmer’s life, when Green stopped painting.

Most feature English subjects and locations, especially the Suffolk beaches at Walberswick and Southwold.

“These are very collectable works,” Messum adds.

“They aren’t huge and are quite comfortable in terms of price. They also offer a survey of the people and the landscapes of their own lives.”

The show runs from November 7-30 at the gallery’s Cork Street location.