Tiffany Panter of Panter and Hall.

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1 What is exciting about the art market this year?

An increasing trend, championed by leading interior designers such as Rita Konig, to cover walls with paintings, leaving behind the outdated concept of a minimal hang that was so damaging to the picture trade.

2 What are the current challenges for buyers and collectors?

The sheer saturation of art on the internet. Dealers provide a filtration process, weeding out second-rate work and downright forgeries.

These days, however, many buyers are purchasing works from dubious sources online and getting their fingers burned with no recourse.

3 How does Panter & Hall encourage new collectors to buy?

We meet most of our new collectors at art and antique fairs where personal engagement is key. We attempt to share our passion for the artists we represent and always advise that art buying is a lifetime of pleasure and not a short-term financial speculation. The latter almost inevitably goes wrong.

4 Have you ‘discovered’ an artist?

Although I hardly discovered him, I was the first person to bring the painter Donald Macdonald to the West End, where he has thrived ever since. He first came to my attention around 2006 when putting together the gallery’s annual Scottish show. He is unusual in his combination of wit, technical ability and sheer quirkiness. We will offer some examples of his work at winter Olympia.

5 One artwork you would love to have in your home?

There are so many thousands to choose from, but half an hour in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s icon collection with an empty carrier bag and no CCTV would make me very happy.

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