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1. Why was this, and the separate BADA initiative to consult lawyers, not put into effect BEFORE the public consultation deadline last year?

2. Mr Lewis states: “…the government is effectively confiscating, without compensation, all value from owners of sculptured ivory that is less than 100 years old.” If only! I could live with that.

In fact, trading in virtually all ivory more than 100 years old is to be banned too. The latter proposal is insane, involving unwarranted iconoclasm and the diminution of our heritage but also – with no benefit to the elephant – favours egregious, retrospective legislation for law-abiding citizens, acting in good faith.

3. Can ivory be dated, who will do it, how long does it take, and at what cost?

While a deafening silence remains the answer to these critical queries, any belated legal case against the proposed ban is a non-starter, and a total waste of time and money.

A belated legal case against the proposed ban is a non-starter

Gavin Littaur

London NW4