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On May 12, 1999, British marine salvor Michael Hatcher discovered the wreck of the Tek Sing, a vast Chinese junk which sank in 1822 in the South China Sea.

Around 350,000 pieces of its cargo, bound for the East Indies, was raised from the wreck in what is described as the largest sunken cache of Chinese porcelain ever recovered. In 2000, German auction house Nagel auctioned off the vast collection in a white-glove sale held in Stuttgart.

This bowl shown above from the Tek Sing, bearing a Nagel label, has been consigned to Cotswold Auction Company’s sale on March 6-7 in Cirencester. The 11in (28cm) wide bowl is among the larger pieces of its type to have been found.

Estimate £70-100. or see this item on

An archive of suffragette leaflets and correspondence is a timely inclusion to Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood’s auction in Exeter on March 14.

Estimated at £250-500, the group includes a four-page In Memoriam for Emily Wilding Davison (1872-1913), the suffragette killed throwing herself in front of King George V’s horse, and a typescript for the memorial service of Millicent Fawcett (1847-1929).

The archive also includes broadsides and leaflets dating from 1911, including two on forcible feeding and police brutality, manifestos, newspapers and a series of correspondence from feminist politician Ray Strachey (1887-1940) regarding parliamentary elections, and the National Union of Societies for Equal Citizenship. or see this item on

Several thousand postcards, all Judaica-themed, will go under the hammer at Horners Auctioneers of Acle on March 24.

The auction house says the substantial 30-album collection, which contains about 4500 postcards, offers an insight into the Jewish way of life in the 20th century from both followers of Judaism and those who ridiculed and persecuted them.

Among the events covered in the collection is the Dreyfus Affair, the anti-Semitic French scandal involving Alfred Dreyfus (1859-1935), a Jewish artillery captain in the French army who was falsely convicted of passing military secrets to the Germans.

An album containing 49 postcards on the Dreyfus Affair, one of which is pictured above, is estimated at £300-400. or see this item on

The UK’s first teen magazine, Jackie, was launched in 1964 and became an immediate success. It recognised that girls were a generation in their own right, not just unmarried versions of their mothers, and managed to appeal to readers across class lines.

Popular columns included Pete Lennon’s Pop Gossip featuring bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and the Cathy & Claire problem page.

Comic Book Auctions is offering 15 consecutive issues from 1967 in a timed auction ending on March 4. The group is guided at £150-200. or see this item on