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Ben Loosley

Logistics director, Jentel Packing


Ben Loosley, logistics director of Jentel Packing.

Get to know the packers and shippers. Are they confident? Are they reliable? Are they trustworthy? Do you get a good feeling from them and will they provide you with a personal service?

Patrick Hannan

Director, Oak Fine Art Services


Patrick Hannan, director of Oak Fine Art Services.

Ensure the auction house or gallery has your written authorisation for a carrier to collect on your behalf. Check the carrier’s vehicles and handlers are suited for loading and securing delicate artworks during transit with tie rails, transport blankets and wrapping.

Lois Jay Biddlestone

UK Auction Logistics manager at Mail Boxes Etc


Lois Jay Biddlestone, UK auction logistics manager at Mail Boxes Etc.

When thinking of bidding on a lot or lots, consider setting aside an extra 2% or 3% of the total price paid to purchase comprehensive compensation cover, as you are buying unique items.

Choose a company which offers a compensation scheme, specialising in fine art and antique shipping, that provides cover for the lot, shipping costs and saleroom fees in the event of damage or loss.

Greg Bradley

Owner, Bradleys Furniture Carriers


Greg Bradley, owner of Bradleys Furniture Carriers.

Go with an established company. If you’re not sure, ask around for recommendations. We get a lot of repeat business that way.