Costume jewellery specialist Gemma Redmond of Gemma Redmond Vintage.

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1. How did you get your start?

I left my job as a primary school teacher to establish the business, launching in 2014. I’d collected for some time and, after becoming widowed in 2011, I decided that life was too short not to have a go turning my hobby into my job.

I’d loved visiting antiques and vintage fairs from a young age and had been fascinated by the world of fashion. This was the perfect way for me to combine my enthusiasm for these two fields.

2. The first sale you remember making?

Shortly after opening my online boutique, I sold a rare 1960s necklace by the German company Henkel and Grossé for Christian Dior. It was set with the most vibrant turquoise glass cabochons – I still haven’t found another example like it. It was so rewarding to sell because I had worked hard to find and acquire it. It also demonstrated that buyers were beginning to value my knowledge and appreciate my sourcing abilities.

3. One recent trend?

Jewellery from the Art Deco era. Nearly a century on, the clean lines and geometric designs that typify the aesthetic still feel very contemporary and work with today’s fashions.

4. One high point in your dealing career so far?

I was thrilled to have a number of pieces from my collection appear in the costume jewellery section of the Miller’s Antiques Handbook and Price Guide for 2018-19. It was Judith Miller’s book on costume jewellery which really sparked my interest in the field and so it’s truly special to now find my own collection of jewellery appearing in one of her books.

5. Describe an exhibition you would love to stage?

Egyptian Revivalism in the 1920s. The jewellery, clothes and other aspects of design that took their inspiration from Ancient Egypt during the period are so stylish and imaginative.

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