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I was heartened to read ATG’s recent interview with Freya, in which she echoed the range of key challenges facing the trade which BADA has been working on addressing over the past three years.

While Rebecca Davies was still chief executive at LAPADA, I met with her and then LAPADA chairman (now president) Lord Chadlington, where we agreed to close cooperation in areas of mutual benefit such as spearheading the trade’s response to the proposed ivory ban.


BADA chairman Michael Cohen.

There are two key areas where I hope that we can make even more progress over the coming months.

1. Online portal partnership

As was highlighted in ATG’s interview, Online Galleries has increased its charges to dealers, leaving many of them in a difficult situation.

I hope that LAPADA will join with BADA in developing an international antiques and art selling portal to provide a marketplace for the finest objects to be found and bought.

This platform will have to be international and we believe should be created for the benefit of dealers, with those who support it receiving a proportion of any profit in return for their support.

2. Joint legal fund

The government’s ivory ban bill should be a wake-up call for the trade. I am convinced we will face many more of these legal issues in the coming years, so the associations should create a joint BADA/ LAPADA fund to ensure we can initiate legal actions and defences on issues affecting the whole trade.

I look forward to developing these initiatives as part of our closer partnership with LAPADA for the benefit of all our members.

Freya Simms responds:

Thank you for your warm wishes about my recent appointment, which comes at a time when there are many challenges facing the trade, both nationally and internationally.

It is reassuring that we agree on the key issues important to our members. Collaborating with like-minded trade associations is invaluable in building a strong platform and presenting a united front to the wider world.

I have recently enjoyed continuing the close working relationship that has developed between LAPADA and BADA, for example on ivory, as well as liaising with other trade associations such as ADA, SLAD, CINOA, PAIAM and BAMF.


LAPADA chief executive Freya Simms.

We are keen to address the situation which has arisen as a result of Online Galleries’ recent action and there are other issues on which it is important we work closely together looming on the horizon.

I look forward to building upon these initiatives for the benefit of our members and the trade in general.