A study of the actress Suzanne Desprès by Edouard Vuillard offered by Jill Newhouse at Master Drawings New York.

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But she has also made the trip across the Atlantic every year since 2004 to stand at the other major annual drawings event, the Paris Salon du Dessin. As such, she is someone with a good overview of both. Defining the two, Newhouse says: “MDNY is a dealer-organised, in-gallery event designed to bring new and established clients into galleries (some for the first time) for exhibitions and private events.

“The Salon du Dessin is a dealer-organised public event where clients can see different galleries side by side, allowing the visitor a different context in which to see the artwork. Here one might be able to see several works by Delacroix, for example, with different presenters, framed and priced differently. During MDNY the visitor sees one gallery’s selection at a time.”

For this year’s MDNY the Jill Newhouse Gallery will be exhibiting around 30 works which span the 18th century to contemporary pieces, with a price range from $5000-400,000.

They include a number of works by French modern masters: a Matisse drawing of a ballerina; the races at Deauville by Raoul Dufy and a study by the intimiste painter Edouard Vuillard of the actress Suzanne Desprès.

Executed c.1908, the 22½ x 12¼in (57 x 46cm) oil on paper board is a study for a large painting which was purchased from the artist by the Musées Nationaux in 1939.