Janice Kehoe of Solo Antiques.

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1. How did you get your start?

I was brought up surrounded by antiques. My mother used to take us to auctions from a very young age (in our prams) and I was a collector from my early years. I started dealing in a small way while at university.

Later, business (I was a solicitor) and family took up most of my time. However, I had long wanted to deal full-time and I decided to take the plunge. You can talk about it and plan it but sometimes you just have to go for it. My first fair was a Galloway Fair in Harrogate.

2. Fairs vs shops?

I exhibit at fairs as I think dealers encounter a wider client base there and meet more interested buyers. Also, rent and business rates are now so high that trying to make a living running a shop is very difficult.

I exhibit across the country – my next is Art Antiques Cheshire organised by ADFL’s director Ingrid Nilson. Her fairs are always well-organised and promoted, ensuring dealers can meet existing and new clients. I also exhibit at Antiques for Everyone at Birmingham’s NEC three times a year as well as Penman Fairs, Galloway Fairs and the one-day Specialist Glass Fairs.

3. One piece of advice to new collectors?

Buy the best – if you have £500 to spend, don’t buy a lot of small items, wait until you find the really good piece and buy it for the whole £500.

4. What’s in store for 2018?

I wish I knew – but for one thing, more investment in my website as I think online is becoming more important.

5. Real ale or espresso martini?

Neither – a large gin and tonic or a glass of champagne.

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