One of the hats by milliner Milliner Victoria Grant that are being exhibited at Philip Mould’s gallery.

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Five of the top hat and beret designs she has created for the February 9-18 show The Milliner will include portrait miniatures provided by Mould and are on offer with the price of the miniatures included.

Others will feature a bespoke miniature-print patterned silk designed from the gallery’s stock (these are priced from £5000-17,000). The show also features a number of Grant’s archival designs as well as standard pieces priced from £500-3000.

Also included is a portrait of Grant by contemporary painter Lorna May Wadsworth which is offered for a price in the region of £50,000 + VAT.

Mould discovered Wadsworth’s work when she sent through a painting of Margaret Thatcher previously on show at the Palace of Westminster. He displayed the work in 2017 between a Holdbein and a Van Dyke, ultimately selling the contemporary piece for more than £500,000.

The artist later introduced Mould to Grant, a friend of hers, and the exhibition began to take shape.

With the Royal Wedding and London Fashion Week approaching, the show is look at melding classic and contemporary fashion. Though Grant advocates tradition and pageantry, she also focuses her energy on creating individual art pieces.