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Anthony Cribb

Two lots from Anthony Cribb’s April 10 arms and armour sale in Abingdon are shown above: a flintlock 46in Long Land Pattern Brown Bess service musket by Freeman (estimated at £5000-7000) and an 18th century bronze European model of a carriage-mounted mortar (£2000-3000).

Gavin Gardiner


Shotguns by David McKay Brown estimated at £30,000-50,000 in the April 18 Gavin Gardiner sale.

Among the highlights of Gavin Gardiner’s sale of sporting guns and rifles at Sotheby’s London on April 18 will be this pair of modern masterpieces – 12-bore over-and-under round action single-trigger shotguns by David McKay Brown. They are estimated at £30,000-50,000.

James D Julia


This engraved powder horn from 1758 is estimated at $8000-12,000 in the James D Julia February 8-9 auction.

Powder horns will feature as works of folk art at James D Julia’s art and antiques sale in Fairfield, Maine, on February 8-9, where this example, engraved with a British coat of arms among animals and other motifs by Moses Walcut at Fort Edward in 1758, will be estimated at $8000-12,000.

Rock Island


This English transitional percussion revolver by Edward London is guided at $1300-1900 in the Rock Island Auction Company February 16 sale.

European lots are few and far between at Rock Island Auction Company sales, but this interesting English transitional percussion revolver by Edward London will feature in the February 16 Illinois Regional sale, estimated at $1300-1900.