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It is certainly a different format for an antiques-based programme. I understand it is an attempt to freshen up previous shows on antiques.

Whatever you may think of Martin, he is certainly a grafter and whether those in the trade like it or not, Flog It! has created a lot of content for the BBC over the years.

This new show certainly emphasises the importance of buyer’s premium at every opportunity and Martin does give some good feedback and information to contestants.

However, of the contestants I have seen so far, I am reminded of that adage my grandmother used to tell me many years ago: “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

If I have one comment, it is the lack of mention of record-keeping, not just stock, but accounts too. For example, no one has yet asked for a receipt on purchase or given one on a sale. That may well be how some in the trade operate, but there are also many of us who abide by the rules and account for all items bought and sold. Showing a programme which is based around profit – after all, the one with the most profit wins – without any mention whatsoever about legal and financial responsibilities is remiss in my view. HMRC may have some thoughts on this.

I’m certainly not going to knock the show – despite being superficial light entertainment, it is always interesting to see items being bought and sold, even if it is not a true reflection of the real world.

And it will be good afternoon bubblegum TV for students up and down the country.

Well done to the BBC and Martin for trying something new.

Eddie Holt

Make Me A Dealer has support on Twitter:

Orangehat Art @Orangehatuk

Make Me A Dealer growing on me – can’t keep repeating the same show forever – new ideas always needed.

Peter H Todd @Peter_H_Todd

Loving the new series. Great to see two ordinary people going off to buy & sell items. I do like the first round where you give the two contestants advice & tips on how to sell items in front of you. This show is now set on series record.

Tracey @anti_plasticbag

I like it. It’s better than Flog It! which was very long & drawn out. Paul Martin is a great presenter

Andrew Kingston @ andykings101

Really enjoying this programme and @paulm_presenter Really inspires you to give it a go. Great stuff.