Dealer William Martindale.

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1 What is your area of expertise?

Chinese ceramics and works of art, with a particular emphasis in later (Ming and Qing) Chinese jade carvings, 18th century monochrome porcelain and scholars’ items. My interest in Chinese art started at a very young age – I began to collect Japanese netsuke around the age of eight. From there my interest broadened to the world of Chinese jade.

2 What is particularly exciting about the Chinese art trade right now?

Donald Trump – recently his administration proposed an import tax on Chinese goods, a list which currently includes Chinese art. Negatives aside, should this tax come into effect, it will be interesting to see whether it causes an increase in auction estimates breaking the six-figure sum in the UK; it would be at least one positive outcome.

3 What is one challenge that collectors of Chinese art face?

Fakes and misrepresentations which can be found in some regional and global auction houses that may not have in-house Chinese art specialists.

This makes it even more important for collectors to form good relationships with reputable dealers or auction houses.

4 What is one subject you love to discuss with your clients?

I enjoy acquiring pieces that have a narrative, whether that’s the provenance or the story behind the work.

So often buyers acquire objects in unexpected places or circumstances and it is always great to hear tales about how my clients have put together their collections.

5 Describe a great discovery that you’ve made.

Certainly one of the funniest discoveries was at a south-west London antiques market, where I came across a beautiful piece of taxidermy which now hangs above my bathroom door. Every morning I wake up to a warthog’s bum and it makes me chuckle with joy.

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