A rare Staffordshire mug commemorating the Bury and Blackburn riots of 1878 offered by Roger de Ville for £975.

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This rare black-printed Staffordshire mug commemorates the days of turmoil.

On one side the mob is shown facing off with the police against the broken windows of the factory. To the reverse the home of the mill owner, Colonel Robert Raynsford Jackson, is pictured in flames.

Rare depiction

Dealer Roger de Ville offers the commemorative mug at the Galloway fair taking place at The Majestic Hotel in Harrogate from August 17-19.

“It’s very rare,” he says of the mug. “I’ve never seen it or had it before, but both scenes are very well printed.”

The mug’s subject seems to offer unlikely scenes for commemoration, including images of police brutality and mob violence. However it was probably commissioned by the mill owners to demonstrate to the public the bad behaviour of the rioters. Eventually the workers capitulated and accepted a 10% wage cut.

These days, de Ville adds, the mug is “a good indication of one of the problems of industrialisation”, and it is offered for £975 at the Majestic fair.

The event hosts around 40 dealers, new and returning, who offer objects such as country furniture, silver, porcelain, jewellery and rugs.