A late Victorian breastplate and helmet worn by a guard officer of the Royal Horse Guards – £3100 at Peter Francis.

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On July 11 a late Victorian helmet and breastplate worn by a guard officer of the Royal Horse Guards improved on expectations to sell at £3100.

Fashioned in electroplate with scarlet horsehair plume, the helmet includes a garter with the motto Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense picked out in translucent red and blue enamel surrounded by gilt metal bands of laurel leafs and Tudor roses.

Lion mask ear bosses suspend a gilded chin strap – a motif repeated to the steel and brass breast and back plates.

The Royal Horse Guards, known simply as The Blues on account of a once unique uniform colour, was among the most celebrated of all 19th century cavalry regiments. It took part in all major battles from Waterloo to Balaclava. In 1969 the regiment merged with the Royal Dragoons to form the Blues and Royals Horse Guards.