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Here I throw down a gauntlet to antique ivory dealers and collectors.

I fear the people representing the antiques world have been inept, to say the least, on the ivory issue.

How anyone thinks small percentages of furniture or musical instruments are going to make a difference is beyond belief.

My previous arguments on this issue have focused on fears of iconoclasm and destruction of past culture. Maybe it is time to put this fight on an economic level.

It seems to me that there are many collectors and dealers out there who are going to lose a great deal of money and in some cases their livelihood. So I propose that a class action is taken against government before it enacts any law.

I feel strongly enough that I will be the first person to donate £10,000 to this. Are enough of you prepared to follow and find an excellent lawyer to fight this case or do you wish to go on moaning and lose the argument?

Edric van Vredenburgh