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ATG: From your point of view, what are the advantages of a co-operative venture such as the Parcours?

CO: It means that visitors from all over the world can come and find an even wider choice than usual, thanks to the presence of dealers who do not have premises in Paris.

And for many people who would normally be too shy to visit a gallery, the Parcours is a real discovery because they no longer hesitate to come through the door.

A lot of clients are liberated by the Parcours and there is a real exchange. It is very exciting.

ATG: How much do the lectures contribute and help to attract clients?

CO: The conferences are a real plus because of their quality. Sometimes the discussions carry on in the shops when you are gathered around an object that clients can actually touch and inspect as they wish – something that they could never do in a museum.

ATG: What will be the effect of the Biennale going annual?

CO: Perhaps this is our opportunity to turn Paris into the capital of art and antiques each September, given that there is so much going on, especially in the Carré Rive Gauche.

ATG: Do you have any special hopes for this year’s event?

CO: I am just hoping to share with an even greater number of clients – collectors, of course, but above all the simply curious who will find during the Parcours that we have a common passion for ceramics.