A Mexican enconchado painting c.1700 The Circumcision of Christ in original frame priced at $270,000 from Robert Simon Fine Art, New York. Simon, a dealer new to TEFAF, sold three paintings and had interest in others.

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1 Buy something – or alternatively have a Dutch surname

Amsterdam silver specialists Emiel and Esther Aardewerk sent emails to New Yorkers asking for names of ancestors who may have a piece of Dutch silver made by them or for them. Those sending in a name received a VIP ticket.

2 American beauties

The appearance of Mexican colonial paintings, and Central and South American silver, may be in response to a significant change in approach from some US museums. American art departments are evolving to become ‘arts of the Americas’ units with institutions actively collecting Latin works from the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America.

3 Far from full English – or ivory

In contrast to Haughton Fairs’ ‘international’ event that previously occupied this calendar slot, there was relatively little English period furniture – just one stand. Unsurprisingly, there was almost no ivory, although Elle Shushan had licences for each of her portrait miniatures.

4 Education is a focus of TEFAF

Exhibitors are encouraged to publish catalogues for the show: some focus on one artist or a collection; others picture and discuss the highlights on their stands. Every wall label lists provenance, essential for clear title when selling antiquities, paintings, drawings and works of art.