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1. How did you get started?

I have a passion for the arts. After graduating from Bristol University it was my objective to open a gallery, not just to sell artwork but also to paint in the store. I love to read about art movements such as Luminism and the artists who were active during the Neo- Impressionist era – Joaquin Sorolla comes to mind as a particular favourite.

2. Biggest threat to the market at the moment?

Can I say my gallery? On a serious note, the contemporary art world is so dynamic, ever-changing. It can be hard to keep up but we’re keen for the challenge. Also, unfortunately, the market seems to be inextricable from the political environment. Nothing is clear-cut these days.

3. One rule you live by as a dealer?

A wise man once told me ‘rules are for the guidelines of wise ones and for the obedience of fools’. Think ahead of the game and outside the box. Other than that, always be at the store! You never know who might walk in.

4. An object you have with you at all times?

An antique athletic medal that was passed down to me from my great grandfather. He was awarded it at Magdalen College, Cambridge, just before competing at the 1928 Olympic games.

5. Real ale or espresso martini?

Espresso martini. My go-to: Honey Jack, ginger beer and a dash of lime.


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