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Having taken part in one of these programmes (Antiques Road Trip) several times from our shop in Chester, I can categorically say this is not the case.

The TV company does not pressurise the dealer to reduce his or her prices – it is down to the expert and the dealers to thrash it out.

Strict protocol is adopted before, during and after filming. The only good advice given to dealers before the TV companies agree to film is to encourage them to sell something to the experts. That’s because they are spending BBC money and owe it to the licence payers to show it. And of course, all profits go to charity.

If sensible, the dealers will sell them something and promote their shop as part of the bargain. How many small businesses can afford a 15-minute advertising slot on TV?

I can testify that the ‘deal’ between dealer and TV show producer works extremely well, not only for the firsttime showing but for repeats that bring in more potential customers, inquiries and so on. You could say it’s money well-invested.

Kelvin Gillett

KD Antiques, Chester (retired)