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Coming up this month at the Fine Art Society in Edinburgh are two exhibitions providing a perfect chance to showcase works to visitors, all in the same premises.

The gallery stands over two floors in Dundas Street in the city’s Georgian New Town and regularly uses both its levels to hold two separate but simultaneous exhibitions, one featuring black and white works and the other views of the Highlands. Of the double show opening on March 16, Black and White is the more general, bringing together a selection of pieces by 15 British and Irish artists produced during the past two centuries. Included are works by Alexander Runciman, William Orpen and Peter Doig, in pencil and charcoal, watercolour and pen.

Also expect a selection of Herbert Ponting’s photographs of Antarctica, which he took as the expedition photographer for Captain Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition of 1910-13. The expedition had its winter camp on Ross Island where Ponting had a small darkroom.

Meanwhile Highland – Construction of an Identity features images of Scotland north-west of the Highland Boundary Fault. The collection brings together paintings by Scottish landscape artists such as Horatio McCulloch and Waller Hugh Paton. It addresses how the land has been viewed by travellers and tourists over the centuries and how the outsider’s gaze has helped shape that identity.

Both exhibitions close on April 15.