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Craig Carrington, Gloucestershire, UK 


The Longleat Tazza, a grand tour Sienna marble piece made in the Vatican workshops, c.1815 and brought back with the third Marquess of Bath to Longleat – £25,000 at Olympia from dealer Craig Carrington.

Based in Stroud, Olympia exhibitor Craig Carrington offers furniture and antiques from the 17th to 19th centuries, with an emphasis on neoclassical works of art.

Why stand at The Art & Antiques Fair Olympia?

Three reasons: 

1) It’s fun to do and I like the laid-back atmosphere.

2) I pick up new clients.

3) I love the venue. Where else in London can you display your stock in such an architecturally fantastic space?

Where are you staying?

This year I’ve rented a flat near Barons Court for the run of the fair to be close to Olympia.

What else will you be doing in London during your visit?

If there is time I love to visit exhibitions and museums. Sir John Soane’s Museum is my favourite – it’s just crammed with so many wonderful things.

Which do you fancy: an English country pub or posh London eatery?

I like to go to Caraffini in Lower Sloane Street for calf’s liver. It’s my favourite place: an Italian institution in the heart of Chelsea with wonderful staff.

Patrick Mestdagh, Brussels, Belgium


An early 19th century Hawaiian hook-shaped sperm whale tooth royal pendant, known as ‘lei niho palaoa’, on a human hair necklace, 10½in (27cm) long – guided at £50,000 at Masterpiece by exhibitor Patrick Mestdagh.

Masterpiece London exhibitor Mestdagh specialises in antique weapons, jewellery and ethnographic art from his gallery Patrick & Ondine Mestdagh in Brussels. 

Why exhibit at Masterpiece?

Masterpiece is different in its approach, original in its organisation and brings clients from all over the world.

Where will you be staying?

A small apartment within walking distance from Masterpiece. So I’ll have a nice walk before and after the day!

What else will you be doing during your visit?

I will visit exhibitions, meet friends and colleagues, eat well and rest.

English country pub or posh London eatery?

Tasteful food in a typical English pub sounds just perfect!

Gladys Chenel, Paris, France


This Roman marble Dionysos head is 1st century BC-1st century AD. Measuring 19in (49cm) high, it has a provenance from the ‘French collection of Mr T Haute Normandie, acquired before 1950’. At Masterpiece, priced €320 000. From Gladys Chenel.

Chenel, of the family-run Parisian antiquities dealership Galerie Chenel, will be exhibiting at Masterpiece.

Where are you staying?

We usually stay for 10 days at Number Sixteen, a charming hotel in South Kensington. We have known the place for years and it’s very cosy there.

Why Masterpiece?

We have participated at Masterpiece since the beginning. We love everything about it: the organisation, the quality of the exhibitors, the art, the fair’s good restaurants and the Pimlico area.

Our clients feel the same. I think they feel less pressure than at the other big fairs.

What else will you be doing during your visit?

We always try to see all our contacts, clients and friends when we come to stay. We love visiting the big exhibitions, and passing by the British Museum and Sir John Soane’s Museum. We usually try to do a bit of shopping too – the June sales are fab in London.

English country pub or posh London eatery?

The great advantage of culinary London is that you can enjoy both.

Laura Bordignon, Essex, UK


A pair of Japanese bronze children playing musical instruments, signed Miyao zō, from the Meiji period, 11½in (29cm) high – £15,500 at Olympia. From Laura Bordignon.

Bordignon will be bringing Japanese works of art from the Meiji period to The Art & Antiques Fair Olympia.

Where will you be staying?

At the Hilton across the road. Its proximity to the fair is very convenient and takes out the stress of driving and parking in central London.

Why The Art & Antiques Fair Olympia?

Not having shop premises, it is essential for me to do the fairs. Many of my collectors in Japanese art are in London and it is a good way to meet new clients.

What else will you be doing during your visit?

I like to visit The Toshiba Gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum which has one of the most comprehensive collections of Japanese art and design. I also plan to see Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion (May 27-February 18, 2018), an exhibition at the V&A dedicated to the work and legacy of the Spanish couturier.

English country pub or posh London eatery?

Both, but there is no better place for eating than in Italy, where I was born. Our excellent Mediterranean cuisine is made with local good-quality ingredients and is always in season.

Fabien and Celine Mathivet, Paris, France


A 13in (33cm) high ceramic vase by Claude Levy (1895-1942), who exhibited in the Pavillon Primavera at the 1925 Paris Decorative Arts exhibition – £20,000 at Masterpiece. From Fabien and Celine Mathivet.

Specialising in 20th century decorative arts, the Mathivet Galerie is run by Fabien and Céline Mathivet, exhibitors at Masterpiece.

Where will you be staying?

In the Art Deco interiors of Nell Gwynn House apartments in the heart of Chelsea.

Why Masterpiece?

It is the most important classical fair in London. You can find anything from French Art Deco (our speciality), to antiquities, traditional paintings and contemporary art.

What else will you be doing during your visit?

Nothing. We have so much work to do and no time for visiting anywhere else, except restaurants…

So, will you head for an English country pub or a posh London eatery?

Both, of course.

Alexander Biesbroek Voorschoten, The Netherlands


A 4300-year-old Egyptian relief fragment, identified as coming from the pyramid temple of Pharaoh Pepi II (Old Kingdom, 6th Dynasty). It will be guided at £46,000. From Alexander Biesbroek.

Olympia exhibitor Alexander Ancient Art is an antiquities specialist with a gallery in The Netherlands.

What are you bringing to London?

We’ll bring some rare pieces including a 4300-year-old Egyptian relief fragment, identified as coming from the pyramid temple of Pharaoh Pepi II (Old Kingdom, 6th Dynasty). It will be guided at £46,000. We also have an unrestored European bronze bell helmet, c.1000 BC – only 12 complete helmets are known worldwide.

What fairs do you do?

The Art & Antiques Fair Olympia.

Why do you come to London in the summer?

The UK (more specifically London) has always played an important role in the art world and the same applies to the ancient art market – there are many important collectors in the UK.

How long do you stay?

I’ll be here for 12 days – I would love to stay longer, but I am also doing another fair in June in Belgium. I’ll be staying with friends.

What else will you do while you’re visiting?

There are always so many interesting exhibitions going on. And certainly some theatre. As well as being an art dealer, I am also involved in the theatre, both in Holland and the UK. I was professionally trained as an actor and also work as a director, playwright and theatre producer.

Hopes or predictions for the summer market?

With Masterpiece and The Art & Antiques Fair Olympia coinciding in June, these events attract important collectors and museum specialists from all over the world. This makes it an ideal opportunity to meet collectors and other dealers, and to exhibit newly acquired objects.

Michelin star or country pub?

This is a tough one. When dining with collectors I often end up in a ‘top’ restaurant. But personally I don’t really like places where the waiters frown when you make a wrong move.

For me it would certainly be the country pub. But, as it’s such a busy period, I don’t get enough chances to go to one!

Daisy Sanders, New York, USA


On the Lake – Central Park, 1890, by William Merritt Chase (1849-1916). The oil on panel measures 14 x 16in (35.5 x 40.5cm) and is available at $1.75m. From Daisy Sanders.

Based in Manhattan, Collisart, dealing in 19th and 20th century American art, is showing at Masterpiece.

Why do you come to London in the summer?

It’s the place to be at this time of year! Not only because of Ascot and Wimbledon but also the auctions and exhibitions at the museums and galleries.

What fairs do you do?

Only Masterpiece. Collisart is alone in presenting classic American art exclusively at this fair or indeed any foreign fair, and we believe that in so doing we are promoting the best of our artistic heritage abroad.

It’s been very gratifying that collectors, both private and institutional, have been supportive of our efforts.

How long do you stay and where do you like to stay?

We stay for a couple of weeks and always rent the same flat in Chelsea.

What else do you do while you’re here?

We make sure to save a few days to visit galleries and museums, do theatre when we can and dine out almost every night with friends.

Hopes or predictions for the summer market?

We predict the market will be lively because international buyers are always looking for the best.

Michelin star or country pub?

Our local favourites include Colbert, Carafinni and the Orange. We save at least one night to dine at 5 Hertford Street.

Wallace Chan, Hong Kong


‘Bliss and Peace’ necklace featuring a Qing dynasty (1821-50) snuff bottle – offered at a six-figure price at Masterpiece. From Wallace Chan.

Hong Kong jeweller Chan is returning to Masterpiece after making his debut last year.

Why do you come to London in the summer?

As a city, London is incredibly attractive because it is international, vibrant, dynamic and culturally diverse. It is a great city for art lovers and has many of them. London is also naturally familiar to me because we have British-style street names and road system in Hong Kong, where I have been living for almost 60 years.

What fairs do you do?

I am returning to Masterpiece after a successful debut last year, receiving a fantastic response and support from visitors.

What are you bringing to London?

Some new pieces which will be exhibited for the first time in London including ‘The Waves’, a butterfly-shaped jewel transformable into a brooch/necklace/bracelet to be worn in eight different ways. We will also bring a necklace featuring a Qing snuff bottle with a modern interpretation.

Where do you like to stay and for how long?

I will be staying somewhere not too far from the fair but I will not be in London for too long. This is because as a creator, I feel like a fish out of water when I am away from my workshop.

What else do you do while you’re here?

London is a paradise for art lovers, with art museums and galleries everywhere. Every time I’m in London, I pay a visit to places such as the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Gallery, Tate Modern and Tate Britain to make the most of what London has to offer in art with the limited time I have.

Hopes or predictions for the summer market? 

Masterpiece is a rising star and fast becoming a leading international event featuring the finest works of art. It takes place in the pleasant early summer period when London is at its best and draws a large number of visitors. Exhibiting at the fairs boosts my brands because the high-profile nature of the fairs enables me to reach out and show my pieces to a great number of art lovers within a very short period of time.

Michelin star or country pub?

I will prefer to eat in a traditional English country pub to taste the local food in its original and authentic form. But I will also visit a top London restaurant afterwards to see how the gastronomy has evolved to connect the past and present of English food culture.

Michele Beiny, New York, USA


Made at the Plymouth factory under the guidance of William Cookworthy, a set of four porcelain continents, c.1770 depicting America, Asia, Africa and Europe. From Michele Beiny.

A third-generation dealer, Beiny started her own gallery in 1987, specialising in 18th century and early 19th century works. She is showing at Masterpiece this year.

Why do you come to London in the summer?

Although I live in NY, London is my hometown, and what nicer time of year could there be? It is also the full season with sporting and cultural events galore, as well as important auctions and gallery openings. Visitors enjoy London at this time of the year, so it is the perfect choice of time and venue for a major international art fair.

What fairs do you do?

I currently do TEFAF Maastricht, TEFAF NY, The Winter Antiques Show NY and Masterpiece London.

Where do you like to stay and for how long?

I stay for about one month and I have my own flat in London in Lancaster Gate.

What else do you do while you’re here?

The fair usually overlaps with Wimbledon. If I can manage a day at the tennis, I always grab the chance. I also visit as many exhibitions as possible, usually the RA and Queen’s Gallery, often the National Gallery and also the V&A. I always visit the Wallace Collection. It is the height of the summer auction season then too, and both Sotheby’s and Christie’s host their best sales in early July. I try to go to the theatre when possible and to The Grange for opera.

Hopes or predictions for the summer market this year?

I believe the art market will be solid this summer, with no interference from Brexit or US/French elections. The stock markets are good and there is money to spend on great art.

Jeremy Astfalck, Franschhoek, South Africa


Lusina Art Deco silver and enamel folding watch made in Geneva, Switzerland, c.1930, priced at €4950. From Jeremy Astfalck.

Dealing primarily in silver, Olympia exhibitors Jeremy and June Astfalck opened The Old Corkscrew in 1994 in Franschhoek in South Africa’s Western Cape.

Why do you come to London in the summer?

London is the centre of the art, antiques and design world and with so many international visitors in the summer, it is the place to show off the rare and spectacular pieces we have sourced throughout the year.

What fairs do you do?

The Art & Antiques Fair, Olympia (summer) and the LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair (autumn).

Where do you like to stay and for how long?

As long as possible, as there is so much to do in London. I stay in Earls Court or at my club in St James’s Square.

What else will you be doing during your visit?

I visit and use the resources of the British Library, the V&A’s prints and drawings study room and of course the extensive library at the Goldsmiths’ Company. With these resources available and free to all, there is never enough time. On my last trip over I was sitting in the British Library and managed to track down a published photo taken in 1912 showing an Impressionist painting we will be showcasing at the fair. Try keeping that excitement under your hat in a library!