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Marco Forgione, British Antiques Dealers’ Association

“There’ll be more smaller fairs and events, especially outside London, where the costs are manageable. We haven’t instigated a price rise in six years – and we look to keep prices down in 2017.”

Ingrid Nilson, Antiques Dealers Fair Ltd

“We will see a very mature and sober art market at auction as well as at the art fairs. The ‘curated’ and ‘selective’ way of collecting and buying will be even stronger in the coming year.”

Patrick Legant, art consultant

“There will continue to be a shortage of great and unknown objects, meaning big competition for the really choice lots. The middle market will carry on as before, with unexceptional prices for bread and butter pieces.”

Alastair Dickenson, silver dealer, Godalming

“Consignors clearly share our confidence about the state of the market and there is no indication that this will change.”

Pierce Noonan, Dix Noonan Webb

“It will never return to the boom days of the ’80s and early ’90s, but at last prices may be bumping off the bottom.”

Helen Carless, Lawrences of Crewkerne

“My tips for 2017 include British studio pottery, Ercol furniture and vintage Bang & Olufsen music systems sparked by the vinyl revival.”

Elizabeth Talbot, TW Gaze

“We must redouble our efforts to educate new generations of collectors about the aesthetic value of works of art that offer a tangible window into history, and that are a pleasure to own.”

Martin Levy, H Blairman & Son

“Fervently believing that the auction and antiques world is a hands-on, in-person industry will not be enough to battle back the youthful forces coming of age.”

Nicholas Lowry, Swann Auction Galleries, New York

“Chinese textiles and robes appear to be on the up in a big way. Jade seems to be faltering for the more general pieces. The Japanese market will continue its modest rise through 2017.”

Robin Fisher, Mallams

“There is still a level of uncertainty which may result in buyers holding on to their cash. Alternatively, they may think ‘what the heck, let’s enjoy our money while we can’. I’m hoping for the latter.”

Susan Galloway, Galloway Fairs

“Clients are increasingly open to collecting over a much wider spectrum. In the past ‘antiques’ have held a special place; however age alone does not imbue a work of art with value.”

Peter Petrou, dealer

“The talk is of how much harder it is to find good Old Master drawings now. There are less dealers and fewer and fewer of us in London these days.”

Stephen Ongpin, London picture dealer

“Customers are happy to mix antiques and contemporary and this trend will continue. The country homes we visit can easily have a Giacometti sculpture on a George II table with an Old Master painting above.”

Claire Penhallurick, Augustus Brandt

“While we may feel nostalgic about auction rooms packed with dealers and collectors shoulder to shoulder, the industry is now more scientific, user friendly and, dare I say it, more civilised.”

Ben Rogers Jones, Rogers Jones

“Mid-century and contemporary design lead the market – that trend will continue. Rigid categorisation of furniture periods is, however, becoming much more fluid as collectors and interior designers display increasing willingness to mix styles.”

Mark Wilkinson, Bonhams

“Quality will always trump market uncertainties to deliver excellent results. An appeal on an emotional and aesthetic level rather than an academic one is what currently now separates the potential buyer from their wallet.”

Joseph Trinder, Wotton Auction Rooms and NAVA

“In view of the interest rates the banks pay on savings today, there is encouragement to buyers to invest in items they love.”

Brian Loomes, clock dealer