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Many of my antique silver items have ivory handles and my teapots also have ivory handle insulators and finials.

Who will compensate me for these becoming unsaleable if such a ban comes into force? I will one day wish to sell my items to fund my retirement, so what should I do?

It is clearly irrational to extend the current ivory trading ban, but I fear the zealots trying to obtain such an extension are beyond listening to reason.

Mike Jeanes

Wilmslow, Cheshire

Editor’s comment: The game is by no means ‘up’ for antique ivory.

Our trade bodies are working behind the scenes to make the case for continuing the legal business of buying and selling pre- 1947 worked ivory antiques and those with other CITES-protected materials.

Victoria Borwick MP, president of BADA, forcefully outlined the antiques trade’s case in parliament recently while the government has agreed to consult with the trade this year. So those dealing in ivory antiques can hope that fair, well-reasoned arguments will be heeded.