The Celebrity Antiques Road Trip series filmed an episode at Oxford on High in July. Sitting on the steps of the centre are one of the BBC TV’s show’s regular antiques experts, David Harper, left, and, right, former Olympic sprinter Linford Christie, with Caroline Henney, middle, a vintage costume jeweller at the antiques centre.

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Talking to ATG, Page said: “The business has seen a pronounced upturn in sales in all sectors of our dealers’ stock-lines. The centre has undergone substantive changes with the counter being moved further back into the store supported by an 18th century oak dresser placed behind it against the wall. This creates a more spacious and relaxed feeling as customers walk into the shop.

“We have created a cabinet island, strategically placed to allow a good visual from the street when the doors are open. There has been a long and sometimes arduous redecoration.”

Page added: “Since our purchase we have attracted 11 new dealers including Andy Dodridge with art glass, Georgina Spary with Art Deco and Nouveau ceramics and Ian Barnett with antique silverware.”