David Harper, 'Guitar Players III', acrylic on canvas, 3ft 4in x 2ft 6in (1m x 75cm) - £1850 at Daniel Raphael.

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David Harper is most recognisable from appearances on BBC programmes such as Bargain Hunt and Cash in the Attic. But he is also an avid painter, and until December 15 his works are on show at this gallery in Church Street, London.

Among them are pieces such as Roman Sculpture in a Smoky Room, a work in which Harper expresses his regret over a 2000-year-old Roman sculpture that he was offered but did not purchase. Others reflect his life in TV and its influence on him, as well as his many childhood visits to Africa.

“Painting is a huge passion for me and I lose myself in my studio, surrounded by pots of bright colours, Victorian dinner plates for mixing paint and tons of wild ideas,” Harper says. “My pictures often depict items I’ve studied and I have always been drawn to vivid and vibrant colours.”

Harper’s World is his first solo show in London and includes prints, acrylics and multimedia works, such as painted vintage vases.